Scalable MLPPP support
Open Source Implementation
Ideal for home and small/medium enterprise use
Wide hardware support


1. Please find the hardware platform for your router model under status then proceed to downloads to download it
2. For information on which file to download or how to install the firmware, please refer to the OpenWrt site - further instructions will be provided here later

1. Initial configuration is done by logging into the router at and using the QuickStart page
2. Refer to the X-wrt wiki - user manual for information on using the web interface
3. Ask questions in our forums

Documentation will be improved significantly in the near future.

OpenWrt/MLPPP QuickStart screen

OpenWrt/MLPPP PPPoE/MLPPP status screen

  • June 27 2010 OpenWrt/MLPPP v1.0 RC2 released. This release fixes one bug (TP-Link WR1043ND packet loss under certain circumstances) affecting few subscribers, and introduces such new features as OpenVPN client auto-config, three-four MLPPP line support for Netgear WNDR3700 and others, and contains several other requested features.

OpenWrt/MLPPP is developed/sponsored by Acanac Inc. and Caneris Inc. We have also donated hardware and funds to the OpenWrt project.